Over four years ago, I read “Touching the Void” and I was always intrigued by situation hikers find themselves in and the incredible things they do to stay alive.

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Man Trapped under Large Boulder for 16 Hours

An angler is said to be “extraordinarily lucky” to be alive after being trapped under a 5-ton Mini Cooper-sized boulder in a cold creek for more than 16 hours.

52-year-old Dean Ririe was fishing alone in Little Cottonwood Creek when his foot became wedged underneath a huge rock. He was screaming for help while submerged in thigh-deep 55-degree water.

At 3 a.m., Ririe’s wife became worried and started a search by herself. When she couldn’t find him, she called authorities.

The next morning, an 11-year-old boy was collecting firewood for his family who was camping nearby. He heard Ririe’s screams and alerted his father.

By the time his father reached the stream, Ririe’s hips and lips turned blue and he was shivering uncontrollably. His voice was also scratchy because he had been yelling all night. He said he tried everything to get his foot out of the water. At least he was smart enough to wait for help instead of cutting off his leg with a dull pocketknife. ::cough:: Ralston ::cough::

More than 20 rescuers responded to the scene. They first tried cutting the boots, but his foot was still lodged. Rescuers then used inflatable bags to lift the boulder off his foot, which worked. He was freed 90 minutes after the rescue began.

Ririe was suffering from severe hypothermia and complained of soreness in his ankle and knee (I wonder why). There is a possibility the man may lose his foot or toes.

Read the story here.

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