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Missing Hiker Rescued from Great Swamp, New York

A hiker lost in the Great Swamp of New York requires dozens of searchers and two helicopters 8 hours to find and rescue him.

Andrew Moore was solo hiking through the swamp and realized he was lost around 6:30 p.m. 13 agencies, including search and rescue teams, firefighters and police, responded to the scene and started to look for Moore.

Because of the enormous man power and noise of the choppers, nearby residents became alarmed and the 911 system was flooded. Law enforcement then sent out a reverse 911 call to inform residents of the incident.

A helicopter spotted Moore long after midnight. The chopper hovered over Moore until ground crews were able to reach him. He was escorted back to the trailhead where he was reunited with his family. Moore was cold and wet, but otherwise in good condition.

After Moore reached safety, rescuers were alerted to another call – this time a firefighter who was out looking for Moore, became exhausted and suffered from chest pains. Because of the wet terrain and power lines in the area, a chopper rescue wasn’t an option.

Rescuers found the injured firefighter and carried him out on a stretcher. All units were cleared from the command post by 6:30 a.m.

Read the story here.

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4 comments to Missing Hiker Rescued from Great Swamp, New York

  • avenger222

    So far, i’d have to say, this is the most inaccurate write up yet.

    A. The chopper never found the guy, central jersey SASR(technical rescue) and green village firefighters found him.

    B. The firefighter was never lost to begin with.

    C. Its the Great Swamp in MORRIS COUNTY, NEW JERSEY.

    Thanks have a nice day. :-(

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure the above comment is so accurate.

    Yes, the Great Swamp is in Northern N.J., not New York. You got that right.

    However, the other two points are nitpicking.

    It’s not inaccurate to say that the chopper spotted the guy, even if it is slightly misleading. The chopper certainly did hover over, relying on feedback on the hiker himself, and that enabled the rescuers to locate him. So, guy was basically already found and the rescuers just reached him.

    With regard to the firefighter, he may have known exactly where he was, but that doesn’t mean the rescuers did.

    Try not to be offended if in a moment of inadvertence someone says South Carolina instead of North Carolina, or whatever. Mistakes happen. The story linked served to clarify, in any case.

    Hope others are more tolerant of your petty inaccuracies.

  • Eggo

    i agree^

    avenger222, you’re a douchebag.

  • avenger222

    im one of the firefighters that rescued andrew moore. We knew where our men were at all times, we had no idea where andrew moore was because we had no communications with him. yes the helicopter was flying around the area to try to locate him but the helicopter was unable to locate him. My team caled for andrew and he responded back. He moved around a lil bit which made things harder but NJ SAR and my team found him. Eggo, seriously, is that necessary, honestly, im the so called dooshe bag that aided in the search. no respect for any firemen or search and rescue crews anymore.

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